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Travel Safely with Black Arrow Fuel Additives

Travel Safely with Black Arrow Fuel Additives

“Fuel additives” is a quite general term. All additives poured into the vehicle’s tank during refuelling can be classified as fuel additives. However, each of them can enhance various diesel fuel properties, such as protective, preventive, or cleaning.

How does diesel fuel additive “Black Arrow” work?

One of the most popular fuel additives on the market is DieselskyddBlack Arrow. It is a pour point depressant that prevents the accumulation of wax crystals in diesel fuel at low temperatures, protecting the fuel lines from significant threats.

This original and highly concentrated (1:1000) pour point depressant prevents fuel gelling and boosts cetane for fast cold starts, as well as keeping injectors clean. It is effective up to -39°C (depending on the properties and temperature of the diesel oil used). When added to diesel fuel following the specified instructions, the fuel meets the requirements of the PN-EN 590+A1:2011 standard. Therefore, it is suitable for all diesel engines and fuel system components compliant with this standard, including DPF filters. Simply pour the appropriate amount of the product into the fuel tank just before refuelling (for example: 50 ml of the product for 50 litres of fuel). Keep in mind that diesel fuel in your tank can become like a gel at a temperature of 0°C.

When to use fuel additives?

Fuel additives like the Black Arrow Diesel additive or Black Arrow Gasoline additive are recommended for preventive use, not just during periods of low temperatures. These products are designed to clean and protect the fuel system, helping to remove dirt and other impurities from it. They protect the engine and minimize the risk of corrosion, remove moisture, optimize engine performance, and clean injectors. The diesel product is safe for all diesel engines, including those equipped with DPF. Pour the products directly into the fuel tank. One package is suitable for approximately 50 litres of fuel.

Do fuel system cleaners work? Are they worth adding?

Fuel system cleaning agents, such as Black Arrow Diesel system cleaner or Black Arrow Gasoline system cleaner, are particularly advantageous for your vehicle when its fuel system is thought to have already been contaminated. These agents remove sediments from the valves and the fuel injection system, restoring the engine’s full efficiency. Cleaning agents have a more concentrated composition than fuel additives intended for preventive, regular use. They are meant to be used at longer intervals, such as every 4-5 refuelling. Simply pour the product directly into an almost empty fuel tank and continue driving for about 10 minutes before refuelling.

When choosing an additive, it is important to check its compatibility with the type of fuel used. Different additives are dedicated to diesel engines, and others are for petrol engines. If you use a diesel engine car that you want to protect from paraffin separation in low temperatures during the fall-winter period, you need a fuel depressant like Black Arrow Dieselskydd. If you want to perform regular maintenance to keep your engine clean and maintain optimal performance for as long as possible, choose one of Black Arrow fuel additives. If you think there are some contaminants in your engine’s fuel system, choose fuel system cleaning agents.

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Black Arrow Fuel Additives


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