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Black Arrow Dieselskydd – 480 ml

Black Arrow Dieselskydd – 480 ml

Black Arrow Dieselskydd  is a highly concentrated diesel additive, recommended for use during autumn and winter. Facilitates diesel engine start and operation. Prevents paraffin formation in diesel fuel at low temperatures as well as filter and fuel lines blocking.

Black Arrow Dieselskydd  is an original Swedish formula tested in extreme conditions of the Scandinavian winter.

Black Arrow is a guarantee of the highest quality.

Effective even up to -39 ˚C.

Instructions for use

Pour into the fuel tank just before refuelling.

Recommended dosage: 1: 1 000, i.e. use 0.5L of the product per 500L of diesel fuel. 480ml for 480L of diesel fuel.

Especially recommended for use before the expected low temperatures < 5°C.

Note: Change of consistency of the highly concentrated product in the packaging (thickening) at very low temperatures does not affect product properties. However, before use, product should be warmed at room temperature to restore its fluidity. Sedimentation may appear at the bottom of the bottle; it should be dissolved before use by shaking the bottle vigorously a few times.

The product lowers the temperature of paraffin formation, does not dissolve paraffins already present in the fuel system.

Logistic data

480ML/ 12pcs per carton 

EAN code: 5901060123102

Product code: AT41M

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