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Safe journey with Diesel Skydd

Safe journey with Diesel Skydd

Autumn and winter are the time of low temperatures and problems with starting diesel engines. As temperatures fall, diesel fuel becomes cloudy because of precipitation of paraffin crystals. These crystals block fuel lines and a fuel filter. Precipitation of paraffin crystals in diesel fuel can occur at temperatures close to 0 ° C. Black Arrow Diesel Skydd will help you avoid problems with starting your engine.

Diesel Skydd


The original Swedish formula “Black Arrow”, tested in extreme conditions of the Scandinavian winter, is a guarantee of the highest quality.

  • highly concentrated (1:1000) diesel additive, recommended especially in autumn and winter
  • makes it easier to start and operate a diesel engine at low temperatures
  • prevents paraffin precipitation in diesel fuel at low temperatures as well as filter and fuel lines blocking
  • effective up to -39 ° C (depending on the properties and temperature of diesel fuel used)
  • when added to diesel fuel in accordance with the instructions for use, the fuel meets requirements of PN-EN 590 + A1: 2011 – suitable for all diesel engines and components in the fuel system, according to this standard, also for DPF filter
  • preventive product – especially recommended for use in autumn and winter and before temperatures fall below 5° C
  • change in product consistency at very low temperatures (thickening) is caused by its high concentration and does not cause loss of its properties. After restoring its fluidity, the product can be used
  • when stored for a longer time, sediment may appear at the bottom of the bottle. It should be dissolved before use by shaking the bottle vigorously several times
  • The product should be poured into the fuel tank directly before refuelling. Recommended dosage: 1: 1000, i.e. 1 litre of the product per 1000 litres of diesel oil fuel (50ml of the product is sufficient for 50L of diesel fuel)
  • The product lowers the temperature of paraffin precipitation, it does not dissolve paraffins already present in the fuel system.


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