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Kemetyl Group

Kemetyl Group

The Kemetyl Group dates back to 1918. During 100 years of operation, the company has achieved the position of one of the leaders in the field of car fluids and cosmetics. The company’s offer includes high-quality car maintenance products, operating fluids, cosmetics and car accessories as well as AdBlue.

Kemetyl has their own production plants equipped with modern production lines and also cooperates with a network of units in Europe, Türkiye and India.

The company is ISO 14001 certified. It takes care of the environment and sustainable development.

Kemetyl has their own Research & Development department which conducts research on new products, packaging and other environmentally friendly solutions.

The innovative and patented by Kemetyl spill-free AdBlue dispenser received Dutch Packaging Award 2018. It is a highly prestigious award in the packaging industry.

Experienced sales teams are located in many countries and supported by professional marketing teams. The company takes care of the image of brands and product quality, so that the offer is ideally suited to the market and expectations of both customers and business partners.

The Kemetyl Group has well-established own brands: Kemetyl, T-brand, GlycoCool, Black Arrow, Carifil, Carix.

The Group’s activity is not only about production and distribution of own brands but also development and management of clients’ brands. Kemetyl supports its contractors by preparing commercial materials, technical documentation and marketing campaigns. The Kemetyl Group has been Shell’s strategic Car Care partner for nearly 20 years.

With our commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability, we look forward to the future.

Otto Fevang, CEO

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