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Kemetyl Poland

Kemetyl Poland

Kemetyl Poland, with its headquarters in Warsaw,  is an expert in the field of production and distribution of car chemicals for Central and Eastern Europe. It is BS-EN-ISO 9001:2008 certified, which guarantees high quality of processes, services and products.

The company offers a full range of high-quality innovative car care products. This includes car maintenance, operating fluids, cosmetics and car accessories, home and garden products as well as AdBlue.

Production and storage facilities are located across Poland, Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria. All of them are audited regularly to ensure the highest quality of products and services.

The company cooperates with reliable and experienced distributors located throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Distributors supported by Kemetyl provide clients with their expertise and advice.

We support our customers with the highest quality products and services everywhere and every day by providing superior value to all the stakeholders.

Joanna Ziółkowska, BM


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Kemetyl Polska Sp. z o.o.

al. Jerozolimskie 146,
02-305 Warszawa

(+48) 22 822 5390