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How to effectively prevent AdBlue crystallization and costly repairs?

How to effectively prevent AdBlue crystallization and costly repairs?

As diesel engine technology advances, AdBlue has become a key element in reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions in diesel engines with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology. However, AdBlue may crystallize...
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Winter Fuel Additives That Are Worth Using

Drivers are grappling with surging fuel prices and an increasing inflation rate. Faced with economic difficulties, some car owners are wondering how to reduce transportation costs. Paradoxically, in this situation,...
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Travel Safely with Black Arrow Fuel Additives

“Fuel additives” is a quite general term. All additives poured into the vehicle's tank during refuelling can be classified as fuel additives. However, each of them can enhance various diesel...
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How to prepare the car for winter? What should we do to avoid unpleasant surprises?

For most drivers, changing their tires is the first thing that comes to mind  when it comes to preparing their car for winter. This, of course, is an important element,...
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Dodatki do paliw

Fuel additives – good engine maintenance or unnecessary cost?

The quality of fuels at gas stations today is much higher than it was a few years ago. Accordingly, some drivers believe that the use of any fuel additives is not necessary. But is that so? In our article, we answer the most frequently asked questions related to fuel additives.

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Kontrola i wymiana płynu hamulcowego

Brake fluid control and replacement – safe braking condition

Proper service of the braking system is not only a periodic inspection and replacement of brake discs and pads. An equally important and often overlooked element is the brake fluid....
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zachowajmy wszelkie zasady bezpieczeństwa

The long May weekend outdoors – prepare well to avoid any unpleasant surprises

Finally! We have been waiting so long for the weather to get better and for the barbecue season to begin. Preparing to spend our free days outdoors, let’s not forget about safety rules and remember about a few important things…

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kosmetyki samochodowe na wiosnę Kemetyl

Getting your car ready for spring – things you can’t forget about!

Winter is the most difficult time for the car. Low temperatures, road salt, removing snow and frost from the car body... Difficult weather conditions affect technical condition and the way...
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płyn do chłodnicy

How to choose the right antifreeze for your car?

Does the colour of the antifreeze matter? Is it worth using a universal antifreeze? How to understand product markings (e.g. G11, G12, G13)? You will find the answers to these and some other questions related to antifreezes in the article.

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What should you consider when choosing AdBlue®?

Modern diesel engines are equipped with a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system which requires the use of AdBlue®. Why is AdBlue® necessary and what you need to consider if you want to find the best one… You will find the answers to these and other questions in this article.

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AdBlue® from Kemetyl

AdBlue® is a high-purity, non-toxic, odourless, and colourless solution of urea (32.5%) and water (67.5%). AdBlue® reduces harmful emission of nitrogen oxide (NOx) produced by diesel vehicles by up to 80% and...
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A safe journey starts with a functional car

The primary task of an antifreeze is to transfer heat from the engine. In modern engines, due to higher combustion temperatures, the quality requirements of antifreezes are increasing. New cooling...
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Safe journey with Diesel Skydd

Autumn and winter are the time of low temperatures and problems with starting diesel engines. As temperatures fall, diesel fuel becomes cloudy because of precipitation of paraffin crystals. These crystals...
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Our health in our hands!

Disinfection is the easiest way to prevent infection. Airborne microbes may settle on different surfaces we touch: in public transport, at work, in shops. Door handles, laptop or computer keyboards,...
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Because we care for the environment

In sustainable development, the natural environment is its basis, the economy is its tool and the welfare of society constitutes its goal. Out of concern for the environment and natural...
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Kemetyl Group

The Kemetyl Group dates back to 1918. During 100 years of operation, the company has achieved the position of one of the leaders in the field of car fluids and...
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