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Kemetyl Poland is an expert in the field of production and distribution of car chemicals for Central and Eastern Europe and offers a full range of high-quality and innovative car care products both under its own brand and private labels.

The products offered include car maintenance products such as operating fluids, cosmetics, additives including AdBlue, car accessories and home & garden products and disinfectants.

Kemetyl specializes in the production of the highest quality and technologically advanced GlycoCool Premium antifreezes designed for all types of radiators and wide range of applications – from passenger cars, through diesel engines, to various industries.

GlycoCool Premium antifreezes are certified by leading vehicle manufacturers (OEMs). They meet and exceed the requirements of most international norms and standards. GlycoCool Premium antifreezes are approved and recommended by the Volkswagen group (VAG), MAN, Mercedes-Benz, DEUTZ, DAF, MWM, CAT.

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