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How to effectively prevent AdBlue crystallization and costly repairs?

How to effectively prevent AdBlue crystallization and costly repairs?

As diesel engine technology advances, AdBlue has become a key element in reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions in diesel engines with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology. However, AdBlue may crystallize in very low and high temperatures. This may lead to blocking injectors, urea dosing systems, loss of AdBlue fluidity and potential problems with the efficiency of the SCR system. So, how to effectively improve the fluidity of AdBlue and avoid its crystallization and expensive repairs? We try to answer these and other questions in the article below.


AdBlue crystallization – what is it?

AdBlue crystallizes at low and high temperatures. The formed crystals disturb the fluidity of AdBlue in the SCR system and may cause clogging of pipes, injectors. As a result, the NOx emission reduction system stops working effectively.

To prevent AdBlue crystallization, special additives have been developed. They contain ingredients that prevent crystal formation and dissolve already existing urea crystals. They clean the urea dosing system and maintain the liquidity of AdBlue in a wide temperature range, ensuring efficient operation of the SCR system and effective reduction of NOx emissions.

What is unique about the Black Arrow anti-crystallization AdBlue additive?

  • Brand known for quality/ Black Arrow is a brand well known for its quality, especially for diesel fuel users who use Black Arrow’s Dieselskydd, an additive that prevents the formation of paraffins in diesel fuel. Kemetyl continuously invests in research and development to ensure the highest quality products.
  • Effective formulations / The composition of the new additive has been designed to effectively prevent the crystallization of AdBlue and dissolve the already formed urea crystals in the SCR system. Its unique formula keeps AdBlue in a liquid form and effectively prevents crystallization.
  • Easy and safe application / A dedicated, special bottle with a measuring cup allows easy dosing. Simply remove the cap, squeeze the bottle to fill the measuring cup with liquid. The additive application is simple. After pouring the measured dose into the AdBlue tank, add the appropriate amount of AdBlue and continue driving.
  • Long term benefits / The product not only dissolves crystals and prevents crystallization of AdBlue at low and high temperatures but prevents corrosion in the system. Regular use of the additive helps to maintain optimal performance of the SCR system and avoid costly repairs.
  • Care for the environment / By increasing the efficiency of the SCR system, the Black Arrow AdBlue additive not only protects the vehicle, but also contributes to the reduction of emissions of harmful substances, supporting the care for the natural environment.

Black Arrow AdBlue anti-crystal additive is a product with a guarantee of the highest quality and effectiveness.

Benefits and features of the Black Arrow AdBlue anti-crystal additive?

  • prevents urea crystallization in the SCR system
  • dissolves already formed urea crystals, unblocks clogged injectors and urea dosing systems
  • improves AdBlue fluidity
  • effectively cleans and prevents blocking of injectors and urea dosing systems
  • prevents corrosion of the exhaust system and premature damage to the SCR catalyst
  • increases SCR system efficiency circuit efficiency in cold and heat
  • significantly extends the life of the SCR system
  • regular use prevents AdBlue crystallization at low temperatures and protects against fluid overheating at high temperatures

How to use Black Arrow AdBlue anti-crystal additive?

Using the Black Arrow AdBlue additive is extremely simple.

  • Remove the cap and squeeze the bottle (250 ml) to fill the container with the measured cup.
  • Pour the additive into a special AdBlue tank.
  • Top up with the appropriate amount of AdBlue.
  • Recommended dosage: use 25 ml of additive per 12 liters of AdBlue.
  • 250ml bottle is enough for 120L of AdBlue.

NOTE: Designed for diesel engine cars with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology. Do not pour to the fuel tank. Store the package tightly closed at a temperature of -10°C to 40°C. Protect from the sun.


The Black Arrow AdBlue anti-crystal additive plays an important role in maintaining the efficiency and reliability of the SCR system in diesel vehicles. Its use allows effective reduction of NOx emissions while protecting the system against the adverse effects of low and high temperatures. For diesel car users, this is an important element of caring for the environment and maintaining the vehicle in optimal technical condition.


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