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Black Arrow Anti crystal additive – 250 ml

Black Arrow Anti crystal additive – 250 ml

This additive to AdBlue prevents the formation and dissolves already formed urea crystals in the SCR system.

It unblocks clogged injectors and urea dosing systems.

Prevents corrosion of the exhaust system and extends its lifetime.

Used regularly, increases SCR circuit efficiency in cold and heat.

Black Arrow is a guarantee of the highest quality.


Instructions for use

Designed for diesel engine cars with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology.

Do not pour to the fuel tank. Pour the additive into a special AdBlue tank and then top up with the appropriate amount of AdBlue. Store the package tightly closed at a temperature of -10°C to 40°C. Protect from the sun. 

Recommended dosage: use 25 ml of additive per 12 liters of AdBlue. 250ml bottle is enough for 120L of AdBlue.

Logistic data

250ML/ 20pcs per carton 

EAN code: 5901060124123

Product code: BT92I

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