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Shell Rust Remover

Shell Rust Remover

Shell Rust Remover

Penetrates instantly and dissolves rust from cleaned surfaces. Penetrates corroded and rust-frozen parts such as pipe connectors, nuts/bolts, valves, hinges, locks, zippers, tools, springs, gears, open chains and turning points of machines. Lubricates and leaves a protective film preventing rust from re-forming. Displaces moisture.

Suitable for most materials. Contains molybdenum disulfide, which enhances penetrating properties, improves lubricity and has a high affinity for metal substrates. Suitable for extreme strains. Eliminates seizing, slipping and compression deformation.

Instructions for use

Shake well before use. Spray the surface to be cleaned from a short distance. Leave for a few moments. If necessary, repeat the procedure and/or extend the operating time.

Use at room temperature 10-35°C.

Logistic data

400ML/ 12pcs per carton

EAN code: 7041068136327

Product code: AT650I

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