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Shell Premium Antifreeze Longlife Plus 774 G, G12++ type – 20L

Shell Premium Antifreeze Longlife Plus 774 G, G12++ type – 20L

High-quality extended life lobrid (Si-OAT) antifreeze based on mono ethylene glycol (MEG). It is based on a combination of organic and silicate technology.

The antifreeze is free of nitrites, phosphates, amines (NAP free) and borates.

Suitable for all types of radiators, made of cast iron, aluminum, copper alloys or their combinations.

Meets OEM requirements: MAN 324 Si-OAT; Daimler MB 325.5.

Recommended for modern engines where high temperature aluminum protection is important. Adapted to the latest technological solutions, it has high heat transfer properties and ensures stability at high and low temperatures. Significantly extends service life. Effectively protects the cooling system, prevents overheating, freezing, corrosion and deposit formation  in the cooling system. Safe for rubber and seals. Proven compatibility with elastomers and plastics.

Mixable with other coolants based on mono ethylene glycol (MEG). In the long run, it is advisable to replace the antifreeze with a homogeneous one in order to maintain the highest corrosion protection.

Recommended replacement after approx. 250,000 km /5 years of use or as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

Instructions for use

Concentrated product – requires dilution. Note: The fluid provides corrosion protection at all dilution ratios given – further thinning may reduce this protection.

Dilution table:

Fluid concentrate








Protection against freezing (°C)




Do not store in galvanized containers.

Logistic data


Product code: PBT792

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