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Shell Grill Fluid

Shell Grill Fluid

Shell Grill Fluid

Effective, low aromatic and very efficient grill fluid.

Makes it easier to light grills, fireplaces and wood or charcoal stoves.

Prevents excessive smoking due to its composition based on aliphatic hydrocarbons.

Does not affect the taste and smell of grilled products.

Instructions for use

Pour the grill fluid over the charcoal. Wait 2 – 3 minutes for the charcoal to fully absorb the fluid and light it.

Warning: Do not pour directly over open flames, hot surfaces or embers. Never use spirit or gasoline for lighting or relighting. Before you start cooking, the firelighter should be completely burnt out and the grill fuel completely covered with a layer of ash.

Logistic data

0.5L/ 12pcs per carton

EAN code: 5901060011249

Product code: AL38J

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