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Shell Booster Cables

Shell Booster Cables

Shell Booster Cables

Compliant with DIN 72553-16.

TUV GS certified.

Suitable for all batteries.

Have fully insulated clamps made of durable plastic and a flexible cable.

Suitable for cars with gasoline engines up to 2500cm3 and diesel engines up to 2000cm3.

Maximum battery start up power up to: 400AMP.

Instructions for use

Before using, read the operating manual carefully. Cables and car equipment may be damaged by incorrect use. Make sure both batteries have the same rated voltage, e.g. 12v-12v or 24v-24v (do not connect 12v to 24v). When connecting the cable to at least one of the batteries, always make sure that clamps do not touch the car.

Operating manual:

  1. Position the cars so that they do not touch each other. Turn off all the switches/receivers and turn the ignition key of the vehicle with the flat battery to the “off” position. Put the gear lever in neutral and pull up the handbrake.
  2. Connect the “+” terminals of both batteries using the cable with red clamps. Make sure that the clamps do not touch other parts of the car.
  3. Using the cable with black clamps, connect the “-“ terminal of the working battery to the metal (earthing) part of the engine housing or the body of the car with the discharged battery. Make sure that the black clamps do not touch the red ones or the “+” terminals of batteries. Do not connect the other end to the “-“ of the discharged battery. The old method “-“ to “-“ and “+” to ”+” can damage the car electronics (on-board computer, airbag, radio etc.).
  4. Start the engine by turning the ignition key of the car with the flat battery.
  5. If the engine of the car with the flat battery has not started within 12 seconds, wait at least one minute before you try again.
  6. After starting the vehicle wait for a few minutes, then disconnect the cable with black clamps, starting from the car with a formerly discharged battery. Next, disconnect the cable with the red clamps, staring from the car which was taking power. Avoid booster cables coming into contact with moving engine parts.
  7. Roll up cables and put them in a bag.

Do not smoke while working! Do not generate any kind of sparks. Keep any other potential ignition sources or flammable materials away. Battery acid is dangerous – in case of contact with eyes, contact a doctor straight away. It is advisable to wear safety glasses and gloves when using booster cables.

The manufacturer is not liable, if booster cables are used incorrectly.

Logistic data

300 cm, 16 mm2

EAN code: 5901060122488

Product code: AZ045

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