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Shell Aircon & Interior Refresher

Shell Aircon & Interior Refresher

Shell Aircon & Interior Refresher

Highly effective and fast acting. Freshens up the interior, air-circulation and air conditioning systems in just 10 minutes. Eliminates unpleasant smells.

Leaves a pleasant fresh scent. Easy to use.

Instructions for use

Make sure that the product is at room temperature. Shake well before use.

Start the engine. Put the handbrake on. Move the front seats forward.

Place the spray can behind one of the seats. Set the maximum internal circulation in a closed system (air circulates only inside the vehicle).

Warning: Keep the container away from your face and make sure that there are no people or animals in the car. Close windows and doors. Activate the product by pressing the nozzle once. For best results, when the can gets empty, leave the engine running for another 2-3 minutes. Turn off the engine and ventilate the vehicle (approx. 10 minutes) by opening doors and windows.

Logistic data

150 ml / 6pcs per carton

EAN code: 7041068136983

Product code: AC59T

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