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Kemetyl Surface Disinfection – 5L

Kemetyl Surface Disinfection – 5L

High-quality product with bactericidal and virucidal properties.

Suitable for disinfecting surfaces and devices that do not come into contact with food at home, in the office and in the car.

Ideal for regular disinfection of frequently touched surfaces such as handles, doors, steering wheels, gear levers, keyboards etc.

The high content of alcohol guarantees quick evaporation of the product.

Easy to use.

Trade Permit No.: 0664/TP/2020  – on offer until 13.10.2020.

Instructions for use

Apply to the freshly washed surface, wetting it completely. Leave to act for 1-5 minutes.

Keep the surfaces wet with the liquid throughout the disinfection procedure. It does not require rinsing. Avoid contact with eyes.

Active substance: propan-2-ol content: 630g/kg.

First aid: After ingestion: do not induce vomiting. Rinse mouth with water. After inhalation: provide access to fresh air. Eye contact: flush with lukewarm water for a few minutes. In the case of prolonged skin contact and irritation, seek medical advice. Apply protective cream.

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