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Kemetyl Firelighter Cubes

Kemetyl Firelighter Cubes

Kemetyl Firelighter Cubes

Effective and efficient, solid firelighter in the form of large cubes.

Smoke-free, odourless and safe for the environment.

Perfect for barbecues, tiled stoves and fireplaces and helpful for lighting fires.

Effective and safe even in windy and humid weather. No risk of explosion, liquid leakage, stains or odour.

Firelighter cube burns for about 10 minutes with a 15 -20 cm high flame. The package contains 30 cubes.

Instructions for use

Squeeze the cubes out of the foil. Place 2-3 cubes amongst charcoal, wood or briquettes and light them.

For barbeques: start grilling when the cube burns out completely and charcoal/briquette turns grey.

Warning: Never use spirit or gasoline for lighting or relighting!

Before you start cooking, the firelighter should be completely burnt out and the grill fuel covered with a layer of ash.

Logistic data

30 cubes/ 24pcs per carton

EAN code: 8712968002096

Product code: AL47K

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