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Kemetyl GlycoCool Premium Antifreeze 774 HD – 1000L

Kemetyl GlycoCool Premium Antifreeze 774 HD – 1000L

High-quality mineral antifreeze based on mono ethylene glycol (MEG). Compliant with HD specification for heavy-duty machinery and diesel engines which are more prone to cavitation corrosion. Based on low silicate technology combined with nitrite and molybdate. Free of phosphates.

Suitable for all types of radiators made of cast iron, aluminum, copper alloys or their combinations. Recommended for industrial machinery  and heavy-duty engines where protection of aluminum at high temperatures is particularly important. Can be used for gasoline, diesel and natural gas powered engines.

Effectively protects the cooling system, prevents overheating, freezing and corrosion in the cooling system. Safe for rubber, plastics and seals. Compatible with hard water. For optimal performance, we recommend using deionized or distilled water to prepare a ready-to-use solution.

Meets the following industry standards: ASTM D3306, ASTM D4656, ASTM D4985, ASTM D6210, AA52624A,  RP329, AA52624.

Mixable with other antifreezes based on mono ethylene glycol (MEG). In the long run, in order to maintain the highest corrosion protection, it is recommended to replace the fluid with a homogeneous one.

Regular checks of nitrite and molybdate levels are recommended.

Instructions for use

Concentrated product – requires dilution. Note: The fluid provides corrosion protection at all dilution ratios given – further thinning may reduce this protection.

Dilution table:

Fluid concentrate








Protection against freezing (°C)




Do not store in galvanized containers.

Logistic data



Product code: GBT400

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Kemetyl GlycoCool Premium Antifreeze 774 HD – 1000L

Kemetyl GlycoCool Premium Antifreeze 774 HD – 1000L

Ready to use
-38 °C

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