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Winter Fuel Additives That Are Worth Using

Winter Fuel Additives That Are Worth Using

Drivers are grappling with surging fuel prices and an increasing inflation rate. Faced with economic difficulties, some car owners are wondering how to reduce transportation costs. Paradoxically, in this situation, it is advisable to use fuel system cleaners and fuel depressants as they help save money in the long run. Let’s explore why it is a good investment, especially in winter.




Are fuel additives worth the money?

Fuel prices at petrol stations are incomparably higher than in 2021 or before. Many drivers are looking for ways to cut costs. High-quality winter fuel additives are worth the money, and replacing cheaper products with them will definitely let you save a lot on maintenance costs. These days, maintaining the fuel system should be a priority, considering the rising prices of workshop services and the record increase in the average values of both new and used cars over the last decade.

What are the other advantages of maintaining the fuel system in good condition? When the availability of raw materials used for fuel production is decreasing, and production costs are rising, fuel prices at petrol stations are on the rise. Drivers are looking for places where they can refuel more affordably. To avoid unwelcome surprises related to the quality of fuel or difficulty with a cold start on a winter morning, it is advisable to use fuel additives regularly. They prevent diesel fuel from getting gelled in cold temperatures, remove impurities, and protect the fuel system. Which additives are the most effective, and how and when should they be used?


Pour point depressant additive – indispensable support in lower temperatures

Pour Point Depressants are a significant addition at lower temperatures as they boost the cold start of the diesel engine. The additive prevents diesel fuel from getting gelled at lower temperatures, particularly during winter months, and it protects the fuel lines from significant threats. When temperatures drop significantly, fuel can stop flowing easily through the system, fuel filters may get clogged, and, in extreme situations, it may lead to the fuel not reaching the engine in sufficient quantities or prevent it from starting.

How to prevent the cloud point in winter? Simply use a fuel depressant regularly as it effectively lowers the freezing point of diesel fuel. Depending on the type of diesel fuel used, we can avoid the precipitation of paraffin even at temperatures as low as -39°C. Dieselskydd Black Arrow, or the popular “Black Arrow” fuel depressant, is worth recommending. It is a highly concentrated, original Swedish diesel fuel additive that prevents the separation of paraffin in diesel fuel at low temperatures that may clog the filter and fuel lines, thus protecting the fuel system from potential threats. Just pour it in the right proportions into the tank just before refuelling. Black Arrow dieselskydd is suitable for all types of diesel engines and components in the fuel system. Its use is safe regardless of whether the car has a DPF filter or not. “Black Arrow” diesel fuel additive is a highly concentrated agent at a ratio of 1:1000, making it extremely efficient. One 200ml package is sufficient for 200L of fuel, which is 4 refuellings of a passenger car.

Black Arrow Dieselskydd prevents the precipitation of paraffin within diesel fuel. However, remember that the crystallization of paraffin in diesel fuel can occur at lower temperatures, close to 0°C, and it is advisable to protect the engine from freezing.


How can you keep the fuel system clean?

To avoid expensive engine failures, you need to act systematically. Fortunately, it does not require much effort. Regular use of fuel system cleaning additives will keep your vehicle in optimal condition and allow you to enjoy driving. Therefore, it is worth using a high-quality cleaning additive.

Fuel systems in both diesel and petrol engines, including those powered by LPG, are sensitive to various types of contaminants. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right product.

A Diesel system cleaner removes sediments from the valves and the fuel injection system, valves, and other components of the system, restoring the full efficiency of the engine. A similar function, but in vehicles with gasoline engines, is performed by the Gasoline system cleaner. It removes sediments from the valves and the fuel injection system, restoring the engine’s full efficiency. Cleaning agents have a more concentrated composition than fuel additives intended for preventive, regular use. They are designed for longer intervals of use, making them suitable for occasional thorough cleaning of the fuel system.


Comfortable safe travels with Black Arrow additives

What can you do to keep your vehicle in good condition and, consequently, ensure a safe arrival at your destination? Prevention is the key – using the right fuel additives throughout the year – not just in winter. Products such as Diesel additive Black Arrow and Gasoline additive Black Arrow protect the fuel system from corrosion and remove excess moisture, and clean injector components, preventing excessive emission of exhaust gases. It also prevents clogging of injector nozzles. These products are available in convenient 200 ml packages, sufficient for one full tanking. It is worth using them regularly.

Using depressants and additives in the time of crisis on a fuel market is the best idea. The maintenance of the engine and fuel system is crucial to keep your vehicle in good condition and avoid all kinds of costly failures. Remember that an efficient and smoothly running engine retains its factory parameters for a long time – it does not increase fuel consumption or emissions of pollutants.


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