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The long May weekend outdoors – prepare well to avoid any unpleasant surprises

The long May weekend outdoors – prepare well to avoid any unpleasant surprises

Finally! We have been waiting so long for the weather to get better and for the barbecue season to begin. Preparing to spend our free days outdoors, let’s not forget about safety rules and remember about a few important things…

Majówka w plenerze

How to prepare the car?

Before going on an outdoor trip, it is worth checking the current technical condition of the car, including the condition of fluids – not only engine oil but also brake fluid and antifreeze. Before going on unpaved and dusty roads it is also a good idea to refill your screenwash, choosing a summer one.

No matter how long the drive is going to take, we should take care of our driving comfort. Unpleasant smells inside our car may easily spoil the holiday atmosphere. Even if we are short of time before leaving, we can effectively refresh the car ventilation system and car interior in just 10 minutes. It is enough to reach for Aircon & Interior Refresher and go for a new fragrance from a  wide range of Shell Air Fresheners.

Spring car equipment

Increasing number of cars manufactured nowadays do not come with a spare wheel. It is a good idea to check how it is in our case before we leave. Shell Tyre Repair is an emergency solution you can use. It pumps and seals a damaged tyre so you can drive to the garage without the service of car assistance.

Before we hit the road, we should also check if we have the necessary car accessories and make sure that glass and cockpit wipes are at hand. They take up little space and clean dirty surfaces effectively and quickly.

The dream vacation – it is time for a barbecue!

A well-lit grill is a point of honour for most men. Nevertheless, anyone can easily cope with this task using effective products. However, we should not forget that safety is number one priority when it comes to contact with fire. We should also make sure that what we do has the least possible impact on the taste of food we prepare, people around us and the environment. To achieve exactly that, we can use high-quality Kemetyl Firelighter Cubes which are completely safe both for users and the environment. They are a highly effective and economical product in the form of large paraffin cubes. This firelighter neither smokes nor emits an unpleasant smell. We can use them without problems even in difficult conditions like humid and windy weather.


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