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Because we care for the environment

Because we care for the environment

In sustainable development, the natural environment is its basis, the economy is its tool and the welfare of society constitutes its goal.

Out of concern for the environment and natural resources, we apply sustainable business practices reducing the use of non-renewable resources and contributing to the reduction of harmful nitrogen oxide emissions.

Waste management is an important aspect of environmental protection. All of us are aware that plastic should not end up in the environment. Recycling makes it possible to reuse raw materials, which is highly beneficial to the environment and natural resources.

Our standard packaging is gradually being replaced with pouches using 49% less plastic for the same capacity.

We are also introducing packaging made of recycled plastic.

Taking care of people and the environment, we also care about our company.

By providing a mutually respectful, safe and healthy work environment as well as using environmentally friendly business practices, we want to have a positive impact on the local communities where we operate.

  • The company is ISO 14001 certified/ criteria for the protection of the environment and sustainable development
  • Major suppliers are subject to inspection and approval procedures
  • Continuous product research results in new environmentally friendly solutions
  • We follow the latest packaging trends to reduce the amount of plastic waste.

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