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Getting your car ready for spring – things you can’t forget about!

Getting your car ready for spring – things you can’t forget about!

Winter is the most difficult time for the car. Low temperatures, road salt, removing snow and frost from the car body… Difficult weather conditions affect technical condition and the way your vehicle presents itself visually. We will advise you how to comprehensively prepare your car for warmer days.

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Spring car service – what to check after winter?

Preparing your car for spring should start with verifying technical aspects. An important activity which does not require visiting the garage is checking the fluids level – mainly brake fluid and antifreeze level. Check if they need to be refilled after winter but remember to choose the right type of fluid. It is always best to get this information from the vehicle owner’s manual.  In the case of antifreezes, you may also find our article useful. Premium quality antifreezes which meet the most important standards of vehicle manufacturers can be found here.

Preparing the car body for spring

To keep your car in good condition for years to come, you should not forget about regular maintenance of its body. First warm spring days are the perfect time for that. It is obviously a good idea to wash your car thoroughly first, remove the remains of winter mud and salt from the car. Do not forget to clean the wheel arches properly, preferably using water under pressure. In many car models it is a place where a lot of mud can accumulate. After you pre-rinse your car, you can use a car shampoo, preferably the one that will not only remove dirt or deposits that may cause corrosion but also will cover the paintwork with a protective film without leaving streaks and stains. Shell Wax Shampoo will be the optimal solution. To provide additional paint protection you should also use other products manufactured by Kemetyl on regular basis. Exterior cleaner wipes may turn out to be particularly useful. They should always be on hand to remove larger dirt from the vehicle, when necessary. You may find them really handy when you do not have enough time or opportunity to thoroughly wash the entire body of the car.

Spring is coming – take care of the wheel rims!

When the average daily temperature exceeds 7 ° C, you should definitely consider replacing winter with summer tyres. It is also a great opportunity to check the condition of wheel rims and have them thoroughly cleaned. There is nothing easier than this if you have Shell Wheel Cleaner/ Red Wheel. You can use this cleaner for all types of rims. It does not matter if they are chrome plated or painted. Besides, you can also use it to clean plastic hubcaps. It is safe as it does not contain any corrosive acids. The cleaner is also safe for paintwork and parts of the braking system. Above all, however, Shell Wheel Cleaner/ Red Wheel cleaning mechanism, which actively cleans, changes the colour of fluid to dark red, is highly effective. It has recently been confirmed by tests carried out by the editors of the industry portal When your wheel rims are already shining, for an even better visual effect, you can also use Shell Tyre Shine.

How to refresh the interior of the car before spring?

In winter, car owners rarely clean the car interior. Low temperatures and the thought that freshly cleaned rugs would probably be covered with slush sooner than later can be really demotivating. When the weather gets better, you no longer have an excuse to put off cleaning and car maintenance activities. You should make sure, though, that you take a comprehensive approach to it. It is worth refreshing the floor, upholstery, dashboard, and air ducts.

The latter task may seem complicated, yet with the help of appropriate product, such as Shell Air Con & Interior Refresher, you will achieve a satisfactory effect in a very short time. You should bear in mind that the refresher will not remove dirt remaining in the car’s air duct system and will not kill microorganisms (we recommend professional air conditioning unit cleaning for this purpose). Using Air Con & Interior Refresher will improve the comfort of using the vehicle and eliminate unpleasant odours – both these coming from the air vents and those remaining inside the cabin. This product has also been tested by the editors of

You should remember that the Air Con & Interior Refresher should be used at the end of interior cleaning procedure. Products effectively cleaning the interior of your car should be used beforehand. We recommend Shell upholstery cleaners. You will find textile as well as leather cleaners. Both received very good reviews in the industry test.

A very important element of car interior maintenance is thorough cleaning and protection of the cockpit surface. We do not recommend using very strong agents which can cause discolouration of some plastic elements. Kemetyl produces quite a few cockpit care products that are gentle and effective at the same time. They are available under Shell brand. Depending on whether you prefer a clean matt surface, or are more into delicately shiny cockpit, you will find suitable products in the manufacturer’s offer. Shell cleaners have antistatic properties preventing the re-deposition of dust.

Thanks to a series of car maintenance and car care products by Kemetyl, getting your car ready for spring will be a mere pleasure.

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