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Fuel additives – good engine maintenance or unnecessary cost?

Fuel additives – good engine maintenance or unnecessary cost?

The quality of fuels at gas stations today is much higher than it was a few years ago. Accordingly, some drivers believe that the use of any fuel additives is not necessary. But is that so? In our article, we answer the most frequently asked questions related to fuel additives.

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Is it worth using fuel additives?

Fuel produced in refineries must meet the relevant sales standards. These standards provide guidance on the minimum amount of antioxidant, cleaning and ignition easing substances. Manufacturers, of course, meet these expectations. It is worth remembering that the fuel must be suitable for use in all vehicles that are roadworthy, both those equipped with old and modern engines. In many cases, fuel with additives will improve performance, reduce wear of engine parts and remove harmful contaminants.

So, the answer is – YES. Thanks to fuel additives, we can improve fuel quality, increase engine protection. Even refueling with the highest quality fuel will not always guarantee that the car’s fuel and injection system is maintained in optimal condition.

When else do we need fuel additives?

A significant threat to the fuel system is frequent driving on an almost empty fuel tank. Under these conditions, moisture accumulates on the walls of the tank. The presence of water leads to the occurrence of rust. And rust in the system is especially undesirable. Dirt can get into the fuel filter and in the long run can contribute to injector failure. If we are driving with a small amount of fuel in the tank or we do not know if our car has not been driven this way in the past, it is worth using a suitable fuel additive, designed for the engine of our car.

What are the differences between fuel additives?

It can be said that all products that are added to the tank during refueling are fuel additives. However, fuel additives differ in functionality. They can have a protective, preventive or cleaning function.

For example, one of the most popular diesel additives on the market – Black Arrow Dieselskydd, also known as “Black Arrow”, is a fuel depressant. It prevents the formation of paraffin in diesel fuel at low temperatures and thus protects the fuel system from potential danger.

Products such as Diesel additive – Black Arrow or Gasoline additive – Black Arrow are recommended to be used as protection, not only in periods of low temperatures. Their function is to remove impurities from the fuel and protect the system against corrosion, remove moisture, optimize engine operation, clean injectors. They are designed for preventive, regular use.

Fuel system cleaners such as Black Arrow Diesel System Cleaner or Black Arrow Gasoline System Cleaner have a more concentrated composition than other fuel additives. They are designed to be used at longer intervals (not every time you refuel). These products remove deposits from the injection system, valves and other system components, restore the engine to full working order.

What fuel additives are suitable and safe for our car?

When choosing an additive, special attention should be paid to its compliance with the type of fuel used. Different types of additives are designed for diesel engines, others for gasoline. So, if we have a diesel car and we want to protect it against paraffins that can precipitate from the fuel at low temperatures during the autumn – winter period, we need a fuel depressant. If we want to keep the engine clean and maintain its optimal operating parameters, we can choose one of the Black Arrow fuel additives. If we suspect that there are already impurities in the fuel system, we should choose more powerful cleaning additives.

An equally important aspect is choosing the high quality products from reputable and proven manufacturers. One of these manufacturers with many years of experience in the automotive chemicals market, offering professional, high-quality products is the company Kemetyl. Expanding its offer of fuel additives, detergents and fuel system additives were introduced for both diesel and gasoline engines. The new products, like the flagship Dieselskydd, are easily recognizable by the distinctive “Black Arrow” logo. We recommend that you read the detailed features and operation of the new, high-quality Black Arrow fuel additives.


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