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A safe journey starts with a functional car

A safe journey starts with a functional car

The primary task of an antifreeze is to transfer heat from the engine. In modern engines, due to higher combustion temperatures, the quality requirements of antifreezes are increasing. New cooling systems are made of many different materials operating at various temperatures and they require reliable antifreezes that will perform well under the toughest conditions.

The wide range of GlycoCool Premium antifreezes are high quality technologically advanced fluids designed for all types of radiators and suitable for a wide range of applications – from passenger cars, through diesel engines to use in many industries.

GlycoCool antifreezes are certified by leading vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) and meet and far exceed the requirements of most international norms and standards. Approved and recommended by the Volkswagen Group (VAG), MAN, Mercedes-Benz, DEUTZ, DAF.

GlycoCool Premium antifreezes:

  • innovative, tested and adapted to the latest technological solutions
  • have certificates of leading manufacturers / OEMs
  • suitable for use in modern diesel engines
  • effectively protect the cooling systems, prevent overheating, freezing, corrosion, cavitation and sedimentation in the cooling system
  • have high heat transfer properties and ensure stability at high and low temperatures
  • mixable with other fluids with the same basis
  • safe for rubber and seals
  • significantly extend the service life
  • optimize maintenance costs.

Do you need reliable antifreezes for your car, delivery vehicles, agricultural or construction machines? Do you want them to prove useful in routine operation while maintaining the engine performance and protecting the cooling system? We will advise you in selecting the appropriate antifreeze of premium quality which will be best suited for each vehicle.

Sale of antifreezes supported by professional consultancy.

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